Friday, January 23, 2009

The super belated PK post for HYTS

Since that Friday when HYTS and 2030 took their exam cum PK, I have been ridiculously busy with alot of stuff, however I'm not here to boast about how busy I am or what I am busy with. As promised, I'm here to blog this post which is what I intended to do also... but really sorry for the delay. Anyway, with or without this post, I will always remember the special people and special act that touches me right in the bottom of my heart.

First of all, I want to thank all students from HYTS and 2030 for putting in effort to dress up and practicing for the exams. Also, I wanna thank all of you for the surprises i.e. the Certificate, Trophy, "Xiao Jiu Wo" Group Singing and Speech... Eh Regina, where's my speech... I want, send me k?

Aiyo, 2 weeks never see HYTS and 2030, I am missing you all too. Friday never see you all like something missing wahahaa. But, I will be off to Korea for holiday on Monday and will only be back on 31 Jan. We'll meet up for gathering when I come back k. Let me take a good break before we start the advance class. I will try to get inspiration during this period to make sure the advance syllabus is more interesting. Anyway I have not told wewe the results yet so he is not able to announce anything. Let's wait until after the CNY break ok?

Lastly, Ashton Koh proudly presents the motivating gifts from the HYTS and 2030... TA...DA...!




Before I end the post, I would like to share with all of you that Year 2009 will be an exciting year for me, I already have some plans which I will stay firm to execute one by one. For all of you who is reading this post, hope you have also set your new year resolution and wish you the best in whatever you do. May you be with your love ones always and many good things come in you way, many wealth, good health etc.