Thursday, December 25, 2008

Please vote for Kelvin Soon! Thanks alot!

My dear friend Kelvin Soon has gone to Hunan, China to pursue his music career and also represent Singapore in a competition. Of cos I hope he can fulfill his dream and also do us proud.

So I'm am urging you guys to do a favour and help him vote.

Thank you very much!


Please visit '', register an account, search & vote for 孙文海 to support him.

You are able to vote once every hour :)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hectic schedule with a weekend break!

It been so long from my last post as I'm too busy with Impresario judging stuff etc. My daily sleeping time is around 4 hours where I sleep at 2 am everyday for the past 2 weeks. It is especially tiring as I need to work day and night that I rarely have any free time. Despite that, I manage to squeeze some time to catch 2 movies over the weekend and I think it is an accomplishment. Also, I did some shopping for my daily need and I never know being able to have time to buy my worn out shaver, pouch, shirts and leather shoes can make me so happy...




The 2 movies I've watched are Yes Man and Ip Man, how come both are "man" shows....

Yes Man is a light-hearted movie which not only made me laugh to my hearts content, it also made me reflected on the occasion where I say "Yes" or "No" to someone. Kinda interesting!

Ip Man is also very nice lor. Yip Mun is the kind of hero every man wants to be like. It is definitely exciting to see the hero win each fight with his Yong Chun fist... wahahaaa!


Anyway the 2 movies are really nice and I stayed awake throughout, which is very unusual for me. I suppose good movie will keep me awake and those that made me dozed off are not worth watching *keke*


Kaoz... I BOH DAI BOH JI kenna strained neck over the weekend and now still suffering. So hope I can recover soon... irritating feeling sia.

Last but not least, I wanna thank MeiQin, Terenze and Alvin for the little present and goodies.

And in case I do not have time to blog this week....


Supper Time

Nothing special just chilling out and we had Chun Rong with us enjoying the Gong Bao Tian Ji porridge.

Group Photo:


Chun Rong & Ashton:


Monday, December 1, 2008

"OB Music Forest Very Singers" on Facebook

Check out "OB Music Forest Very Singers" on Facebook!

The registration date has been extended to 15 Dec 2008, please register at Ocean Butterflies reception if you are interested.

Just "coup-ed" a picture that I don't even have...


Did you notice 黃靖倫 in the picture?

Yeah he's from 非常歌手训练班 too.

If you like him please support his new album 「倫語錄」Jing's Note