Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Still thinking of the show haha..


Super Mario on Violin

This is more than Music.. its skill.. hahaha!!


BFF and Thoughts

Well, I do have..

The person who I will talk to when I'm feeling insecure. Please be there!!

2011年不能再进退两难,左右为难,动弹不得,不知所措。。 等等、
应该要自由自在,如鱼得水,有求必应,心想事成。。 哈哈!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

新年新希望 (倒数3天)



朋友:"诶, 你好像又瘦了耶!!"
你好像:"每次看到我都说我瘦了, 如果一直瘦, 一直瘦, 一直瘦, 怎么我没有瘦到不见掉?!"

You say leh?!?! Lei ze me shuo?!?!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010






Monday, December 13, 2010


我的干妹妹上个星期嫁人了!! 我为了要盛装出席,决定打扮一番.. 总不能老是戴帽子是不是?? 于是我去剪了头发和上色,我只能说上色失败.. 因为我的理发师太爱我了!! 哈哈!! 读不明白的人, 真是抱歉.. 故事太漫长了!!

最近发生了好多事,有些甚至影响了我的心情。我只希望弄了头发后会比较好运, 哈哈!! (哈哈这么多次, 应该是会开心、好运吧!! 哈!! 哈!!)

至于跟我说常戴帽子会脱发的人, 我已经一个礼拜没有戴了.. 请放心!!

对我的帽子关心的人, 我会拿它们去洗.. 过后才让它们重出江湖!!


最后想说的是, 今天是个愉快的夜晚!! 祝大家晚安, 不要失眠和请做好梦!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

蘇打綠 演唱会 Sodagreen Concert

青蜂的现场演唱真的很好,感性的歌都唱到心坎里,快歌也气氛十足,笑话也不错!! 哈哈!! 唯一有觉得一点遗憾的是他们没有演唱我想听的:

《近未来》; 一首动听又感性的歌!!
《彼得与狼》; 疯狂的啊呜啊呜啊呜着。。
《小情歌》; 听到大家 encore, 他们却坚持不唱的歌!!
《包围》; 前奏长达一分半钟,非常适合在演唱会 high 的歌!!

但其他有演唱的歌都很好听!! 我特别喜欢鼓手。Bass 的女生很有个性,吉他手也很帅。总之蘇打綠;赞!!




Wednesday, December 8, 2010


No time to blog..!!

So.. hopefully I can clear more work or free some time to R&R!!

R&R?!?! Haha..


Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello people!!

So late still not sleeping arh?!?!

Sleep early k!!

Good de Nite!!

Another "Question Mark" song!!

So shall we talk?!?!



This is a "Question Mark" song!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010




Sunday, November 28, 2010


Bruno Mars various videos!!


Friday, November 26, 2010

From a friend who gives inspiration!!

Never expect someone to bring you to greater height.. but think about do you have what it takes to go to that greater height?

I have several thoughts in my mind.. but was too tired to structure the phrasing, so shall keep in my heart till I find inspiration again!! Yay, I think I have somehow recovered.. pls maintain it this way!! Weekend come faster, I would need to survive tomorrow and Saturday!! Next week will be busier!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Morning Peeps..

Today is 7:30 am!! Will it be 6:30 am tomorrow?!?!

I woke up in bad dreams, but I'm laughing it out cos its only a dream lah..

I seldom dream, so in a way I look at it with a good angle.. I do dream afterall, don't I?!?! It's better than day-dreaming :D

Hope the flu will recover soon!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The alarm in my body!!

I woke up automatically at 8:30 am again and it happened 3 days in a row!!

Why arh?!?!

Anyway, I'm down with flu and sore throat, I will rest more and sleep earlier till I recover..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My attempt on violin

Current practice repertoires:
1) Major scale
2) Long long ago
3) Twinkle twinkle little star

Inspired by the violin intro for 心如刀割 in 张学友 - 2003 音乐之旅世界巡回演唱会.

Special thanks to RX for the "Holding the Bow" youtube video link - Though still feeling tension on my thumb, I'm trying to keep in mind to hold the violin bow using balance not tension.

Can't help but to post another two.. Must watch!!

Adam Rafferty is simply awesome!!


Dancing Queen on Guitar!! Fingerstyle

Adam Rafferty's Dancing Queen by ABBA


MacBook Pro

Ooh.. I'm eligible for the Singnet promotion which bundles with a 13 inch MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo), but then the spec is so close to my current MacBook!!

Ahh.. must be the temptation from my colleagues who both just brought the 15 inch MacBook Pro (Core i7) at 3k!! Well, I'm only eyeing for the 15 inch i5, haha!! If only Singnet promo comes with it..

Sorry your promotion don't fit my requirement.. thank you for your effort to call, email and sms Mr. Ashton Koh, please try again!!

Rest day.. Farewell day..

Today is my rest day and tomorrow is the start of another new week. It feels like holiday's over & its time to get back to work!!

I still could not accept the fact that Friday is never the same again.. In fact, things will never be the same ever.. NO MORE HOMELY FEELING!! Yesterday was Sus's last day, I was in a rush and didn't have chance to talk to her. Wish her the best and shall catch up for Swee Choon with the rest soon :)

Not forgetting to mention that Ah Shun is leaving for China in 3 days time for 2 months, 加油 Bro!! And, wanna thank Sharon for her well wish from Korea :))

I had 2 farewell celebration for my students who will be leaving Singapore.. Though I enjoy chilling out with these people.. I never liked the fact that the reason to gather is for farewell. This morning, I just got to know that one of my guitarist will be leaving the band.. err.. Guessed I'm a person who does not like 离别, but in life people come and go.. which is beyond our control. 我只能说天下没有不散的宴席..

People who will never leave your life are the real close friends, are you the one?!?!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Cap Day!!

For the first time I'm feeling insecure without my cap!! Yesterday was a bad hair day and I can't believed I allowed myself to go out without styling my hair.. It only implies that I needed a cap or haircut!! Mirror is my best friend which helped me decide that I needed to shop for a cap.. but I walked the whole PS without seeing one that I liked.. so shitty!!

That's how I spent my Hari Raya Haji and the whole "insecure without cap incident" only reminds me of Jacky.. keke!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cough cough..

My body is giving out signals to tell me that I need a break!! This week is definitely going to be better than last week.. not that hectic and there's a holiday on Wednesday. Yayness :D

Despite the bad voice day, I managed to complete a couple of things.. but since work is never ending, I'm going to rest my voice.. 休息是为了走更长远的路!!

I wanna keep myself motivated.. so I'm looking forward to the remaining one and a half month of 2010!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Things are incomplete without a shoulder rest.. Why wasn't I told about it and why didn't I find out myself?!?!

Something missing..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



其实,我打算要自己学拉小提琴。希望可以靠我对吉他的知识,读书时拉过二胡的经验和在网上自修.. 当然还要下一番苦功、哈哈!!

不知道这个新 "朋友" 会和我擦出什么样的火花?或许对我在做音乐上会有所帮助。 总值,非常期待就是了 :)




Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Theory of lesser sleeping hours..

This is going to be short and sweet but perhaps unacceptable to some of you.. hahaha!!

1) Old people don't need to sleep so much..

2) You would have slept 30 years (half of your life) away at the age of 60.. for sleeping 12 hours a day..

3) I chose to sleep around 4 hours a day so that I won't waste time sleeping..

And to digress a bit, I'm contented to be able to live till 60 years old.. That should be enough for me..

Ok.. Last but not least, the above-mentioned "rates" is subjected to change according to the "growth of economy", please come back often to check for updates..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Concert Attendance

* 陳綺貞 & 草蜢 is on the same day!! - Cheer Chen!!
* 蘇打綠 - Going!! (Brought CDs and getting ready for it..)
* Eric Clapton - Must see have kakis or not!!
* 张学友 - Next year then say bah!!

And I know, the list will get longer.. and longer..


是的、也就是明年的 7, 8 月份。。



2011 年、充满着未知的一年。。 即将到来!!

Sunday Itinerary

It's Sunday again and tomorrow is the start of another new week!! I woke up with very clear mind of what I feel like doing today:

1) Do some research on violin and its playing techniques - Done.
2) Pass some stuff to a friend - Done.
3) Fly kite - Done.
4) Go eat dessert that I have been craving for - Not done.
5) Touch up the music that I was working on last night - Done.
6) Change my guitar strings - WILL do later!!
7) Touch up the mixing for a wedding song - Not done.
8) Continue the arrangement for another project - Not done.
9) Watch dvd - No time!!
10) Rip music to my phone - Not done.
11) Do some workout at home - Will do later!!
12) Blog - Blogged!!
13) Play guitar, learn some songs - When I finished restringing.

There should be some more lar.. will try to prioritise my work so that I can spend a productive Sunday!! Supper sounds like a good idea though, I've been secretly craving for maggie goreng.. which I have not eaten for 2 weeks :S

Anyway I really think violin playing is an art and the instrument plus its sound is a beauty.. Will learn it if I have the chance.. Hee!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Concert Temptationsss

Omg!! So many temptationsss.. 蘇打綠, 陳綺貞, 草蜢。

Anyway, song of the day :D

無眠 (Chinese Version)

無眠 (Hokkien Version)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm liking her music more and even more..


Reflection of Life

The things that we cannot choose in life and need to stick to are called commitments.. These commitments sometimes come with a little grumble. On the other hand, i realized that we are more willing to commit to things that we choose to do on our own as these decision are considered our own choice!!

In life, how many times we get to make our own decision?

How many of these decision are so-called the right choice?

Does people surrounding us support our decision?

I do have some decision that I think I made the right choice, but it certainly takes perseverance and courage to stick to it firmly. So let's be true to ourselves and not be a coward in making decision that we think is right!!

We only live once, so live it to the fullest!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Finally..

Inspiration keeps coming that I unknowingly wrote 4 songs this week.. I like what I'm doing and I'll try to make the best out of it!! Wanna thank the people who gave me comments and lyricists who had to tolerate my randomness and weird ideas!!

(You know who you all are..)

Happy Halloween (*w*)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


“你让天空 失去距离

我让我 离开了迟疑

往上攀登爱情 告别回忆


Friday, October 22, 2010

10年10月10日~人生与梦想 (Backdated post)


好久没有弹吉他了, 最近编曲都用midi-controller.. "酱"比较方便.. 但是我却在 CW, Music Fest 的时候钩起对弹吉他的想念。世上到底有多少人对音乐是有巨大的热诚? 应该有很多很多, 而我也在围绕着我的周围看到许多感人的例子。

最近、我又开始弹吉他了。那种感觉还是非常的美妙,只是指感生疏了,哈哈!! 我不经意回想起我的第一首歌是用吉他创作的,而且还是在床上、对着窗外~ 多有画面啊!! 那是好几年前的事了。当时的一时好玩,如今已经变成认真对待+不断求进+牺牲睡眠。原来在老早前音乐就已是我生命中不可缺少的东西!!

这几年算是有实现到我的梦想; 就是可以全职做跟音乐有关的工作。我当初辞掉我的正业从兼职歌唱老师做起,刚开始的时候因为要同时打两份工而碰到很多难题。在一个偶然的机会中我终于可以转为全职,心里是非常安慰和充满感激的。人只要努力奋斗,坚持、勇敢追求自己的梦想就会有开花的一天。自从全职加入公司后,我似乎更有时间和集中力去做跟音乐有关的事情。我几乎每天都是中午与晚上上班、半夜就写歌做编曲、虽然累、但日子过得非常充实。而半夜的部分我都当成是一种磨练。久而久之当作品渐渐越来越多时,我却有把梦想变大的想法,并希望可以把自己的努力与经历分享给大家。当初那个纯朴的梦想如今想要变的更伟大,更有使命感!!

既然我一直都在写歌、这些作品都未曾被发表过.. 可否把部分的歌曲上载到网上,让它们有机会被更多人听到。就当是一个平台来慰劳我当中的努力。或许应该说满足我的"自恋"、哈哈.. 其实在我决定要更有自信面对我的歌曲之前,我有想过是不是要默默的写歌就好,毕竟当歌曲发表的时候,一定会有负面的批评.. 但是我告诉自己,如果是因为害怕批评.. 那不是否定了给自己进步的空间吗?

就从"酱"的一个角度出发,我决定要更积极和认真去做这件事。以什么方式分享,暂时还不确定 (可能需要细心计划)。但我一定会拿出我的诚意,并让自己活的精彩!! 当然现阶段欢迎任何建议!! :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I want my 太阳!!

I may have posted this video before.. but who cares.. I'm enjoying every bit of it and declaring it as my fav song for the month :D


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I like the first song, didn't know its by 林夕 and the second song haunted me yesterday.. have been trying to find out what's the title as my SoundHound could not find it..


Three or Four?!?!

The relationship of a salesman, product and consumer.. Just when the salesman and the consumer are having role play, trying to be each other.. The consumer might be thinking who actually is the rightful owner..

Perhaps at the end of the day this product is not required anymore..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

陳綺貞 - 孩子

She's so cute in the mv

今早起床想找一首形容自己心情的歌。不知道这首算不算.. 我比较确定的是它有舒缓我..



说话是种很考学问的艺术。说者无意、听者有意.. 在种种有意无意之中或许会不小心得罪或伤害到人。原本可以用鼓励的方式得到皆大欢喜的结局,却演变成一场自信心受损悄然离开的局面。

谁对谁错似乎没有澄清的必要.. 因为所有的评论、行为与决定的认同与否都是"角度问题"。多加解释只会越描越黑,所以那些身不由己的遗憾就让它顺其自然吧!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keeps ringing in my mind.. randomly

Stevie Wonder, so inspiring..


Still many thoughts in my mind..

This week is hectic with work.. does it always happen when my bosses are around or it simply means that I'm a slacker when they are not around?!?! I can feel the fatigue at the end of everyday, however, that does get me on my bed early no matter how tired I am.. something is wrong somehow for someone to sleep at almost 4am every "morning" and wake up around 9:30am, and then has the mentality that having 5 hours sleep daily is good enough for an old body..

It's another night with lots of things to complete but often end up unproductive due to me digressing.. what's with the distraction?!?! Do I really understand myself.. still not feeling calm..

I am only grateful to have real friends around to keep me going, their presence is already a kind of morale boosters. I am looking forward to have a more productive weekend, getting the necessary things done..


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just reached home after supper at Boon Keng... My first and only India friend is saying goodbye and most probably we will not get to see him forever.. Heh..

Anyway I bathed straight-away when I reached home so that I can quickly do my work thru the night.. There are so many things to complete and i think i need a checklist to prioritize them. It feels like, this week really passes very fast!! There are many thoughts running through my mind and I really need time to sort things out, or perhaps I need some peace to calm myself down. Some of the things I'm not even sure myself and it seems complicated at time. Could it be another 11420 (just a random number) of 烦恼?

I don't know!!

If only I can take a carefree ride to somewhere faraway..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Post comment from a good frenz *LIKES*

deesolving: 瘋狂音樂祭雖然結束了,可是追尋夢想的人還在。期待的是更瘋狂的夢,更瘋狂的自己。繼續前進繼續努力!人生就是要不停的戰鬥!ROCK!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dreaming With A Broken Heart

Dreaming With A Broken Heart..


Saturday, September 25, 2010

小瘋狂音樂祭 CrazyWorld MusicFest 2010

A gathering of talented local & foreign artistes with indie roots, MusicFest 2010 brings you an intimate weekend of live music in celebration of CrazyWorld Cafe's opening!

Please support local music :)

Details below:
[All performances are 1hr set each]

表演嘉賓/Performing Artistes:

08/10 Fri - 8pm :
棉花糖 (台灣). Katncandix2 (TW)

09/10 Sat - 4pm :
插班生 (新加坡). The Freshman (SG)

09/10 Sat - 8pm :
意淋 (新加坡). Bevlyn Khoo (SG)

10/10 Sun - 5pm:
鄭可為 Feat. 盈盈 (新加坡). Tay Kewei feat. Ein Ein (SG)

Doors open half hour before performance time.

Ticket Sales will commence on Tuesday 21st Sept 12pm (noon) at CrazyWorld Cafe, or at
Terms and conditions apply.

For more information about CrazyWorld Cafe, kindly check out:
CrazyWorld Cafe Facebook

Thank you!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing Jacky Chueng's song in my car...

张学友的歌实在好听... was playing one of my old CDs and fell in love with his songs again!! Jacky Chueng is one of the singer that inspires me to take singing seriously and I could remember how I liked to impersonate him during my competition days. During that time I had to use 拼音 to learn those classic cantonese songs :D

I would like to post this song from his musical 雪狼湖 Snow Wolf Lake which is one of my favorite. Spend some time reading the lyrics... is very touching!!


紅笑臉 紅裙 紅絲巾
白紙般 坦率 還天真
一對眼 水晶般吸引
流轉的舞步 像浮雲

忘記你 但仍然想起
愈想起 更加難入寐
緊抱你 抱緊的只得空氣
明知得不到你 何必再要記起

一絲絲 一點點 燒毀憶記
一幅幅 一聲聲 又復燃起
任由我 腸斷至死

戀一生 差一些 不可一起
祇一心 等一天 日月如飛
願忘記 又想起你

情與愛 是無從更改
未更改 卻因何分開
失去你 才明白未可捨棄
但始終祝福你 寧願我這田地


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mr Big and Sungha Jung (2009 Mr.Big Korea Concert)

Likes!! This link has got some nice footage, Sungha Jung is very remarkable and of course I like Paul Gilbert!! :)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends Lovers or Nothing

Appreciate the person who posted this *EN*... I really like it and it made my day... John Mayer... so touched that everyone stood up to applaud at the end!! How many of us get that kind of acknowledgement and honor?!?!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Midnight 3am



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Uncertainties and things that are beyond control...

Its a kind of feeling that I dislike...

A bit restricted and rather helpless...

The outcome can be anticipated but there's nothing I can do...

And guessing what will happen arouses anxiety...



Thursday, July 15, 2010


1) Put yourself into other's shoe before making decision!!

2) Rather be more approachable genuinely than to "die" not knowing why people are avoiding you!!

3) Everyone always says they are OK, just like drunkard will always say they are not drunk!!

4) It takes two hands to clap, two hands from two different person!!

5) One's behavior reflects on their mentality!!

6) Explanation must be convincing, if not its just another excuse!!

7) 机会是要自己争取的,因为不是每次都会有人给你机会!!

8) 如果在工作上正确的处事叫专业, 那日常生活正确的对人应该是 EQ 吧!!

9) 若要教会一个人怎么独立, 你必须先学会拒绝他对你提出的要求!!

10) Never ASSUME cos it'll make an ASS out of U and ME!!

11) 会自动的人已经很少了,所以对他们,我们要更加自动。

12) 而对不会自动的人,我们就保持自动就好,千万不要像他们一样!!

13) ......

Monday, July 12, 2010

Song ringing in my mind...

Its such a sad song... kept thinking about this song randomly... Used to hear this song a lot last time!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Jack Thammarat - Falling in Love Again

He made it looked so easy!! It's about voicing not about shredding... Nice tone!!


Friday, July 2, 2010


请把它看完!! Love it :)


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guitar Techniques

Something to share with the guitar students that I'm teaching from P.Crew!! He's my inspiration for guitar and I hope I can give you guys the same... practice hard and improve k, JIAYOU!

Paul Gilbert!

Yngwie Malmsteen, not my favourite guitarist, but his speed is simply incredible and I do own one of his signature strat!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

陳綺貞 Videos

太陽 is really a beautiful song! Like the guitar intro especially!!

Pure guitar playing found via random search:


Monday, May 24, 2010

Brain May - Delay in action!

Sorry for making this site look like a guitar site... but this is holy shit! Brain May!! Still entertaining though quite an old video!

Best of luck, do good things!!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jay Chou concert tickets giveaway promotion!

  • This promotion is only applicable to new students of OBMF, or existing student who takes up another new course from OBMF. Call 6223 1311 for more information!

  • Prizes will be a pair of Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour Live in Singapore tickets worth $198 each; Date of concert: 24 July 2010.

  • In order to be eligible for the contest, each student is required to pay upfront for either one of the following:

    • 2 months vocal course fee (includes deposit fee).

    • 4 months guitar or piano course fee (includes deposit fee).

    • 3 months drum, clarinet or flute course fee (includes deposit fee).

    • 2 dance packages, either:

      • 2x Dance courses, or

      • MV + Dance course.

  • Registration ends on 10 July 2010.

  • There will be no refund of course fees or deposit in any circumstances.

  • Results of winners will be announced on 13 July 2010 at our official website:

  • Registration fee is applicable to the above-mentioned promotion.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to get to OB Music Forest!!

A video guide to show the directions!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paul Gilbert Echo Song Lesson

This is cool shit!! Paul Gilbert :D


Friday, May 7, 2010

Slash in Singapore with his solo album!

This is so cool! Must check it out!! So much videos that I wanna share... Aiya go search over internet... ALOT!!!

Some links:

Slash's latest solo album

LAMC Production, Slash Asia Tour - Singapore
August 2nd, 2010 @ Fort Canning Park
Tickets at Sistic from 7 May

Cheerios :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a day!

Someone "quarreled" with me in the morning and spoilt my whole day... If you have spoken to me today and didn't notice my foul mood, its because I'm containing my frustration! Anyway I shouldn't be venting to anyone like a spoilt brat! The bad start, however, has made me more focused in clearing all the works that are overdue... Next 2 weeks will be even more hectic, I will not have time to blog! Only looking forward to cross 10 May and have more time for the sweetheart who will then completed her last exam!

Monday, April 26, 2010


从 Collin 的 Facebook 听到的!觉得蛮屌的!注意词的部分!!!



妈妈说很多事别太计较 只是使命感找到了我 我睡不着
如果说骂人要有点技巧 我会加点旋律你会觉得 超屌
我拍青蜂侠不需要替身 因为自信是我绘画的颜料


好莱坞的中国戏院地上有很多手印脚印 何时才能看见我的掌

如果超人会飞 那就让我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰这个世界 会让我觉得好一些
拯救地球好累 虽然有些疲惫但我还是会

唱歌要拿最佳男歌手 拍电影也不能只拿个最佳新人
你不参加颁奖典礼就是没礼貌 你去参加就是代表你很在乎
如果你天生这个表情 那些人甚至会怪你妈妈(妈妈)
结果最后是别人在得奖 你也要给予充分的掌声与微笑
开的车不能太好 住的楼不能太高
我到底是一个创作歌手 还是好人好事代表
专辑一出就必须是冠军 拍了电影就必须要大卖

再次俯瞰这个世界 会让我觉得好一些



在这个时间,还没睡着... 最 mood 的就是听这首歌...

突然很多想法... 偶然点击到的,竟感触良多!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How I started my music path... (Part 2)

For quite some time, I really hated doing all the "arrowed" performances and events in Airforce as I always had the thinking that the people inside will not appreciate my singing talent. Most of them are more keen in the drinking activities and mocking at me whenever they have the opportunities... Nevertheless, I think I'm the most "obedient" regular that really stick to the regimental system, not as in no one else does, but to think back I really do not need to cut down the activities. For at least 5 years, I am fully committed to the job.

Luckily, I picked up electric guitar during my regular days and started to explore band stuff, this part of my music journey has cultivated my rocker spirit... I'm so addicted to watching video clips of Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash and many many... Gradually, I'm involved in band activities where I'm either the guitarist or vocalist. I feel that its really important to know how to play instrument as a vocalist, it'll enhance the musicianship within. From a 4 piece band (drum, bass, guitar, vocal), I started to learn about the roles of each instrument. It made me fully understand what is it meant by making the music "full" and being "tight" in our rhythm during a live jamming. The best part is the exposure of playing around with different instruments... it eventually helped me self-taught midi arrangement when I do my own demo.

In 2007, I joined Very Singer (4th Batch). I told myself that I gotta give myself a last chance to be in a pop music school. Actually, I'm not fated to be in LWS when I had the chance in secondary school... its a long story!! But thankfully all is not too late even when I'm 28 that time! I remember singing 冲动 by 动力火车 for audition haha! My journey in OB has made me realised the importance of being an all rounder performer. Just like in a old school movie, you need to be well versed in 琴棋书画, OB actually has a pull of talent well versed in almost everything... composing, beatbox, vocal, instrument, dance, 口才 etc. I felt that being someone with flair in singing and has performing experience is not enough, there's so much more to learn and improved on! Therefore since "粉墨登场", I started 自弹自唱 with my guitar. Since then I rarely sing with MMO... even for the events that I did for OB. Throughout the VS course, I remained positive and hopeful... and yah... just like many, I indeed hoped to have a last chance to fulfill my dream as a singer. I did my best and put in effort to prepare every homework with the mentality that there is nothing to lost! Not only I am the class monitor, even for "我爱 Microphone"... I took the initiative to lead the group to prepare for the presentation. This enthusiasm continued until the graduation concert... and one fine day I was informed to see the boss!

Wah.... this is getting longer and longer. Since I have started, there's no turning back! Thank you for following, I appreciate your visits here and I'm sure it's going to be memorable for me if I start reading back my own post after a few years and by the time my blog post catch up with the things that happen to me currently, I shall end the thread. 哈哈! 有没有电影《不能说的秘密》的感觉?这个梗是偶然想到才用的,并没有抄袭的嫌疑喔!

Please stay tuned to Part 3 of "How I started my music path..."

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New songs

I'm still typing my "Part 2" post...

Meanwhile, I've uploaded 2 songs completed recently. They are composed by me and I have 2 friends who helped me with the lyrics; 心, 理解 (Ferlyn) & 自由飞行 (Kale)!

You will need to search under the player on my right panel and click the back button (located on top left corner of the player) to see the file names!

Comments are welcome! Thank you :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How I started my music path... (Part 1)

Days ago I was talking to my student regarding getting into the industry... and I really want to share it here but then blogging about it and chatting away is so much different!! Haha!

Basically, it will have to start way back from year 2000 when I was someone not only who loves singing but also a frequent singing competition contestant!

(For my profile please check out the top right panel on my blog under Portfolio and click * View my complete portfolio *)

I have gained a lot of exposure and made many friends with the same interest during that period. And in 2002 just like all other young men in Singapore, I was enlisted to Tekong for BMT. At that time, I really do not know what I can do after graduation and I was attracted to attend career talks conducted by the civil servants, that resulted to 7 years of myself being a regular national serviceman as a Air Force Senior Technician. The pay is good and the bonus is good, I would say, in fact, the career gave me a stable income. I met many different kind of people, good and bad, my encounter with them working in that environment really shaped my character...

During my training in Air Force school, I was still involved in competitions. There was one competition by Mediacorp that I took part exposed my singing talent to my superiors as the contestants' ads (voting system) were frequently aired on TV... I really had a hard time explaining and seeking approval to continue the competition as it was not allowed for a regular due to image. But somehow, with the help of my mentor, I managed to continue all the way to the finals.

After that incident, I had to cease most of my singing activities outside and whenever there is a performance in the camp, I will be "arrowed" to perform. Subsequently, I even had to be emcee for all sorts of event; parade, DnD, roadshow etc. There was once I was assigned to be a major event's assistant cue master which made me develop interest in events management. Of course, that role to be done by someone who has performing experience will be even better because he will take note of all the details to make sure the show will run smoothly.

There are many thoughts and encounters that happened along the years; I eventually resigned from the regular job. When I became a civilian, I had to cope with taking up 2 jobs. My effort put in to become a vocal instructor... etc.

Please stay tuned to Part 2 of "How I started my music path..."

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling it...

This song I like... and I'm feeling it... more...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A relaxing and lazy Sunday post!

After 2 nights of working plus havoc; playing 杀手 with the students, I've lost much brain cells and voice. Its finally Sunday, my teach break of the week! I just wanna relax and hang out with my gf today!

Haven't got much time to surf net for the past few days. Therefore, I shall blog more as soon as I have the chance! Haha.. no lar, just wanna introduce nice songs here since they are written by my friends :))

Check out 王铮亮 梁文音-满满 composed by Chen Huan.


彭于晏 - 非愛不可 (MV完整版)

Support Yarden and check out his song for 彭于晏, it's called 非愛不可 with the MV featuring 舒淇!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Creating Demos

There's so many steps to completing a demo... I'm in the midst of it now (in fact on most of the nights) and somehow got distracted! So I went to blog at a old blog and now here... Hopefully after blogging, I can concentrate and finish the demo!

There are many steps in doing a demo... from creating, editing to completing! Normally for me, it kicks off with having a melody, which most of the time I'll record my humming in my phone. And when I'm back home, I'll find out the chords and make the midi with a piano sound. At this stage, I'll try to fix it to the correct key so that when I need to record vocal the song is already in the right key! If not I'll just do up the arrangement, then transpose, then record the vocal.

The right way to do the arrangement is to start with drums then bass. But sometimes I'll do it differently due to different reasons... There's no fix method, but if you are new to this... do it correctly for the first time and you will cultivate a good habit! Someone ever told me to set the "blocks" at every tracks to green because its good for eyes... I said "是meh?!?" but then I'm sticking to this since then! Haa! After recording vocal, you may need to record harmony for backing vocal. Then edit the tracks to make it neater... trimming, adjusting the position left, right, up, down etc.

Pitch correction is optional, good vocalist sings accurately! But lots of practice is definitely needed! For me I'm a one man show, DIY home recording... When I need to rush demo... I'll record first then if really need to edit the pitch then I'll add the addition step to the process. Just remember, pitch can be edited... emotions cannot!!!

Last but not least, is mixing of the tracks to make the demo "broadcast ready". This really requires experience, good ears and perhaps, a pair good speaker. I'm quite bad at it... still trying to learn. But well, I'm quite contented that I got this far. A few years back I only had "Fruity Loop" and "Cool Edit", I don't even have a midi controller and thus, my piano is created by clicking note by note with a mouse. At that time, I don't even know what is quantize!!! Thankfully, I've met people in OB that really helped me a lot in this area. Friends like Acid, Wenhan, Yarden etc. I enjoyed the learning and sharing experience. Hope we can all excel together and get better and better :))

Ok, very motivating!! I shall get back to work... :P

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am expecting this 2 weeks to be super busy...

First of all there is video taking session and the due date is 10 April. Followed by the "Guan Mo Hui" for my advance students on Saturday. LCM exam next week, so and so forth... Not to mention my Q1 report, next quarter's planning, website updating, shifting etc. Well, there are tons of work to do and I have only a pair of hands and 24hrs a day! Help!!

Song writing become more and more taxing when I have a heavy workload in the day time... perhaps I should slow down a bit! But I don't want to lose the momentum... that could means I need to spend more late nights... Haha!!

Anyway, I will try to prioritize my work and rest whenever I need to. Oh ya I need to eat more also... Almost every few day people will come telling me that I've lose weight... despite the fact that I am eating a lot! Must be my short hair lar... I will try to keep my hair long after my ICT... short hair sucks!

Lots of people's birthday falls on April... will be updating with some picture of Baby's bday... and the next one should be my mum's birthday. It should be within this 2 weeks, but I really forgot which day exactly. How ah?? Should I go steal her IC to check!! Omg!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday!

I had a good day at home doing my own stuff and accompanying my girl. The day is intended to be kept to myself as I haven't had the feeling of staying at home for the whole day since quite some time ago.

I consider today good and productive because I had completed the melody for the first song of the month and I just had the inspiration for the second song!!! It must be the recharged effect of my 2 months composing break, which I decided to take during that time while I'm having "blockage". I will try writing some of my songs as it is really difficult to get efficient lyricist who run the same speed as I am.

Nevertheless, I really appreciate Kale, Ges & Ferlyn who are working with me in song writing. Let's keep up the good work and communication so that we can get better and better.

I will continue to produce my inspiration until it runs dry before I can go for another break, thereafter the cycle repeats itself. JIAYOU to the rest of the writers, write like you never write before. Songs are like an art, idea, story, inspiration... there's no right or wrong, therefore whatever comments received are out of each individuals' preferences or expectation. At the end of the day, the creator must know what he wants!!!

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music identifier!

I was editing the fast song yesterday and I found inspiration for a new song while randomly playing the keyboard. There comes my next project for April which is going to be busy as well... already anticipating a few things coming my way.

For now, I'm waiting for the chance to lay my hands on an iPhone application called "Sound Hound". It works like a music identifier. You can hum, sing, or play a song to let the application perform a search for its information and related video links. It also works on iPod songs. Previously the database is not updated and only works well for English songs, but few days back I tried on my friend's iPhone and it now works on Chinese songs as well! Korean might not be as accurate though but in overall, it's quite efficient. *Likes*

You guys can find out more on Sound Hound for iPhone.

There are other similar app also available for different phone models which you can research on!


Monday, March 29, 2010

My Weekend!

It was an eventful weekend for me... 3 days in a row including today I slept for less than 4 hours everyday. I somehow could not describe the feeling... In overall, though tiring, I enjoyed the process :)

Perhaps I should take the chance to thank those who have rendered help during the events! Even of you did not get to read it, I still appreciate all your efforts! Especially to OBMF dance crews, Jasmine, Sharon, PP, Dee, Little, Yarden, Lucky and many many etc. plus friends from SCAPE & Grid MMS, Zhuzhu jie and JY! (Sorry if I missed out anyone, all of you deserve a *pat*) :)

Last Sat was Safra Radio 88.3Jia FM 3rd Birthday Party at Dragonfly. Chun was coaching De Jiang and Di Jia for their Hip Hop dance. Also, our OB Dance Crews presented a dynamic opening dance for the event!!! Not forgetting to mention, Candyce's belly dancing performance that made everyone take tons of photos... JY was especially high, haha! Also, congrats to ZhiZhong and Candy for winning the duet singing competition!! Here's some photos, I'm using iPhone, so the photo quality is not as good as a digital camera!




JJ Party 4 was held at the new SCAPE building on Sunday. Except for the VIPs, the rest of the guest were standing. 大家辛苦了! Sorry if I could not talk to you yesterday. Too much things to handle, so cannot multi-task! I think it was a successful show on the whole, everyone is working hard and the most touching part is the video that we made for JJ!! He cried... JY cried too! *Touched* :P




This morning, JY and I was giving a presentation to Monfort Junior School. We shared about our music experiences! The memories of a morning school assembly singing the National Anthem and Pledging brought me back to X years ago... Opps! Anyway, I like kids, so I find them cute when they started to get excited by some of our questions for quiz. Kids nowadays are so smart, I hope they enjoyed the session and if we have the chance do school tours... I wanna perform for them!!!

I do not have much pictures with me, so perhaps when I get the official videos or photos then I'll try to update more! It's a brand new Monday, if you are reading my blog... Have a great week ahead and look forward to the public holiday this week with me. Happy Good Friday :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

JY's Performance at *SCAPE - Sounds like Saturday!

This is a photo taken during sound check haha... (my fringe curled more as the night approaches woohoo!)

Was helping JY with the guitar at his acoustic segment for Sounds like Saturday. The songs he did on that day are really nice :)

He was singing 没话好说 with MMO and then proceed to acoustic unplugged of 喜欢你 and 宝宝, which 宝宝 is composed by him to Candyce for their wedding. I love the chords of the song very much.


Will be updating with more pictures and video if possible!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daughtry - Poker Face

This is quite a old video post in youtube. I just got to know about it recently, so... Well, sharing is an art!

Q&A: Daughtry and the "Poker Face" Cover

Daughtry - Poker Face

Daughtry - Poker Face (acoustic)

He's powerful, isn't he?

Friday, March 26, 2010

江苏卫视, 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场 (名师超偶队VS新韩联队)

This is the contest I took part last year together with JunYang, Jacky and MiaoRu. It was a great experience and we had fun during the rehearsals. Everyday is long and tiring. Luckily, we have Brother Leon and Sister Rain to help and support us fully. I will never forget the days when we had 王老吉 and 串烧 by the streets. At the end of the day, the memories and bonding gained is much more important than the results of the contest (i.e. 新韩联队 lost to 名师超偶队) :D

名师超偶队VS新韩联队 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场 开场


韩国新加坡队(Nobody,唱响世界) 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场第四轮

名师超偶队(win)VS新韩联队 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场第四轮讲评,END


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Song Composing Thoughts - I said so, no money back guarantee if you stick to it!

Composing songs is like making babies, you need to give them the correct theme, feel, tempo, melody, chord, sound etc. At times, you need to let someone (e.g. lyricist) babysit your song and when they send back to you, help your baby wear some clothing and start to show your friends!!!

Comments are meant to help song writer improve. No matter how vague the comments can be, it implies something. In general, comments are categorized in 3 main types; Good, So-so, Lousy!

Good; then you are on the right track, but keep it up and dun be complacent!

So-so; you are proceeding to the right track, but need to put in more effort to improve.

Lousy; you are not doing it correctly, you got to seek help from people who are doing it correctly.

Learn how to do a demo if you can't do one, make use of computer to do midi arrangement... Without demo, your songs cannot be shared efficiently. I used to encounter a student who can't do demo, every time he wants to let people hear his song he'll bring his guitar and sing it live... *tedious* @_@|||

Keep in mind that sharing is an art, let your good friends hear your song and get their comments, it helps!

Never write for the sake of writing, use your heart! Even if your song does not make it to anywhere, anything or does not fetch good feedbacks, it is perfectly ok because you'll definitely have learnt something during the process in making the song! Dun think that your song has been given "death penalty". The right way is to move on :)

Last but not least let me quote a sentence that I find it "very true"; 一个成名大师的成功作品底下往往藏着几百个不成功的作品!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back!! (with highlights for future blog post)

After 8 months without posting on my blog, I'm back!!! At times I felt that it was really attention seeking to be blogging too much of my private life, especially when some people around me does that... *Pot calling kettle black*

But as I think back to the why I started this blog I felt that I ought to bring it back!! And the objective is simply to update interesting stuff that i come across and let readers get to know more about me and my music experiences. That's all, so all my friends... WELCOME ABOARD AGAIN :D

The subsequent posts will be backdated stuffs and pictures (e.g. my china trip to sing on 江苏卫视, Shanghai Holiday, JY Wedding, Scape Performance with JY etc.) I will also be sharing my thoughts on how I quit my jobsss and switch to something related to my interest. Last but not least, I would like to take the chance to introduce my updated blog's music playlist... all the songs in the playlist are either sung or composed by me. In the future I will blog about those songs one by one and at the same time credit mention my friends who have helped me :)

Posting songs online reminds me of Indie Music, well... does that makes me one?!?! Opps, I cannot be indie music, I'm not the music... I'm a human; like what I always tell my mother, I'm a Internet Singer! Wahahaa!

Independent Music on Wikipedia

Enjoy reading :D