Sunday, March 9, 2008

Complete Handbook of Voice Training by Richard Alderson

Xueling borrowed me a book called Complete Handbook of Voice Training written by Richard Alderson. I was reading it halfway and would like to share with you guys. Quite a good book for people interested to know more about vocal training. Hope you find it useful :)


Look inside this book:

Complete Handbook of Voice Training by Richard Alderson

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Jamming

3rd March 2008, the first jamming of my new band!

Well, forming a band is difficult and why do I say so? Cos its my 4th band, and the previous 3 bands did not last long... However, I'm still very eager to go thru the process of forming band again :) And I hope this band can last for goodness sake.

Anyway, we do not have a name yet! Suggestion anyone?!?!?!

Basically, I had planned for the first jam session for the band since Dec 07. Haha, took 2 months to plan... perhaps I knew if I fail to plan, the plan will fail... Anyway I took no chance to make it happen and it finally started!

Band members line-up:
Alvyn - Drummer
Charles - Bassist
WenHan (Lennon) - Guitarist
Acid - Keyboardist
YingZhi - Keyboardist
HuanJie - Vocalist

Songs for first jam session:
想太多 - 张震岳
你快乐所以我快乐 - 动力火车
离开地球表面 - 五月天
不能说的秘密 - 周杰伦

We went to PLAYGROUND STUDIO for jamming, it was recommended by Acid. The people there are very friendly :)

Don't be mistaken, he is not the drummer but the bassist, Charles! Haa haa!

Acid, WenHan and me... trying to be cool...

Acid & me look so formal cos we came after work!
Ok... I admit trying to act cute...

In near future we hope to play our own songs, mainly by WenHan and me... for now I guess we should just jam and find the chemistry within the 6 of us. So far, I feel that the first jam is quite alright! However, for all of us to jam together is really difficult due to our work schedule... but together as one we can pull thru! Tentatively, we plan to practice once a week or at least forthnightly :)

Of course, I hope to load the songs we play over here if possible. Ya, pictures as well...


Sunday, March 2, 2008

F.I.R @ City Harvest Jurong West!

Yup I went to the event on 1st March. It was an enjoyable experience even though I'm not a Christian. I like the Christian songs they sing. The stage, sound and lighting were good. Of course I'm most attracted to the live band portion, my all time favourite!

The special guest is [F.I.R - JianNing Lao Shi] = AhQing & Faye

The two of them are Christian artiste in Taiwan and that why they are there to perform. The interview part is humorous, Faye can sing live well and AhQing's guitar lick is fantastic! I don't quite like his guitar tone though, but I understand that I shouldn't be setting my expectation so high, its not F.I.R concert, k? :P

Oh well... as usual, I'll share some pics with you. Sorry for the poor resolution as I was sitting right at the baaack... *keke*









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