Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday celebration with my angels! (Special thanks to Elva's No. 1 Fan for this post, its her copyright!)

This shall be a photos-filled post!!! Let the photos do the talking!!! Hahahaha..

My pressies...

The HUGE card.... And I mean REAL huge...

See? It's so HUGE that it covers half of Shyrlyn's body!! Hahaha! And the pig head is drawn by Yixuan... Cute hor? =P

The birthday boy arrives!

They tricked me that I only have a balloon for my birthday present. Ehh, I forgot to take the balloon when we left the KTV?! I really FORGOT!! Paisey!!

In my "pre-high" & act demure state. =P

Someone can't stand me acting demure... therefore...

Ta da! Guess who that someone is... LOL!

I cannot take it already.. So I decides to act punk....

And I says, "Don't you ever do this to me again!" Oh wait, why is Yixuan's hand around my?!?!?! And Eliz is like the light bulb for "the couple"! HAHAHA.. =X

Finally got a chance to sing...

Lonely, Miss Lonely.... Wherefore art thou, 合音天使们?! Alicia with the singing David and me, and pretty Eliz!

Oh, here is 1 of the 合音天使...

But she's so buried in her PSP! Hmpf!

Its Ashton with the guys from the 8.30pm class. Hmmm.. Where are 7pm class guys?!?!?! YES, THAT'S RIGHT. THEY FLEW US KITE!!!!!! *double hmpf*

Finally, the PSP girl decides to un-bury herself from the PSP.

Daniel and me 好像在拍 MV!

2 合音天使 and 2 guys from the other class... Daniel looks so relaxed in his pose!!

Me and my "Tiger beer". =P

This looks like some 灵异照片... I mean the HAND behind Winson la.. Not that Winson looks like ghost. =X Far behind is their new classmate, Esther.. And I wonder who is the fella behind the cushion..

Me and my smug look.

And finally, Shyrlyn is here, singing!

And she sings again, with Eliz... and Regina listening attentively...

And she sings again! Winson looks very 投入 hor.

Shyrlyn 好配合喔!

What's with all the hiding-behind-the-cushion pose?! I know who is these 2 机车 guys! David and Winson! Hahaa!

Why am I not inside?! *SADDED*

Hmmm... What's that pose from Alicia hur?!

Whoa! This is art!

Someone acting cute (again) with his Swenson's birthday cake!

Making my birthday wish... And yeah... wishes will all come true!

Trying all the might to 一口气吹灭所有蜡烛. *Note that there are 2 BIG candles and 9 SMALL candles on the birthday cake.* =X

And of course my birthday wish will all come true! 'Coz I managed to 一口气 blow out all the candles. 真长气啊! *Look at my smug look after I finished the great feat! 超机车的啦!*

Everything seems so sweet hor... =P So now, here comes the 先甜后苦 part...




All thanks to Shyrlyn's super creamy and oily whipped cream!!!!


Shyrlyn 也中招啦!

And Alicia's hand also kena!!! She's like so totally grossed out 'coz she can't stand the creamy and milky smell!!! Urghhhh!!! *Revenge*

The aftermath....

A wet Ashton Koh!!!!

To be continued.............

Monday, August 25, 2008


I wanna thank my angels for the effort for preparing 23rd August. I appreciate alot lor.... So many things happened, well... i shall wait for the picture to be ready then i blog about it. So this post is just to express my appreciation.

To think that i am the blessed one with people who loves me, I'm smiling :)

Thanks to all my friends also...

And not forgetting my lovely baby <3 you

With lots of love,
Ashton Koh

Can Ku Yue Guang 殘酷月光 (HJ Version)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


林宥嘉 - 残酷月光
词:向月娥 曲:陈小霞

让我爱你 然后把我抛弃
我只要出发 不要目的
我会一直想你 忘记了呼吸
孤独到底 让我昏迷

如果恨你 就能不忘记你
所有的面目 我都不抗拒
如果不够悲伤 就无法飞翔
可没有梦想 何必远方....



如果恨你 就能不忘记你
所有的面目 我都不抗拒
如果不够悲伤 就无法飞翔
可没有梦想 何必远方....





Tuesday, August 12, 2008

R.I.P Chris!

I didn't expect I'll post something so soon and its actually for someone that I wanna remember forever...

Just an hour plus ago I received a sms from Gege that Chris has passed away, my mood changed... The dream last week came true, Rosalyn told me to visit Chris cos she said the dream meant something... haix...

I really dunno how to put it, but to look at the positive angle, it is a relieve to Chris's suffering and also to cease the burden of the expensive medical fee. No matter what, nobody can change anything now. Chris went into coma from 01/05/08 and left us on 12/08/08. Chris is the bravest and strongest person who fought for her life with pride. Chris, your close ones and all your friends are proud of you.

Chris, I wanna thank you for all the good treatments. My life has changed partially because of you. You are all the motivation for me in work and without you at the workplace the atmosphere is really dull, boring and quiet. I really owe you big time and you didn't even give me a chance to return. In my heart, you are the winner, everything you do is so firm and steady that I really have to take my hat off you. Remember what I told you in hospital? (I believe you can hear me ok!) I said, "Dun worry, what's there to be afraid of, with you around is a sure win, won't lose ok?"

The short period that we worked together, you have been taking care of me and giving me special treatment and attention. You are the only person who have treat me so well. I really really owe you and Gege big time. Because of Gege, I even started calling you god sis.

I'm sorry for the perceived impression about you previously, no matter what it is. I felt different when I really know you in person. So what is what does not matter anymore. When you are in heaven, please take good care of Gege and your two wonderful children cos they are closest to you and they will miss you like how you will miss them. Not forgetting to mention, we will miss you as well, so don't you dare to forget us. Thank you for appearing in my life, you are really a n-yu(3) zhong(1) hao(2) jie(2) and pretty and havoc haa...

Chris, rest in peace!

With love,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

After sooooo long....

Finally I'm here with my post, I dun think it is a long awaited post for anyone cos after sooooo long, no one bother to come already haa! Anyway, my schedules are real tight and I've been busy with works, gatherings, some shows, some jammings and some personal stuff.

Yeah, I got my MacBook months back and the price of it is a 18 months contract with $88 bill per months wahahaa... but since I wanted to buy a MacBook, I signed up for the plan! Eeeks, my desktop is getting slower and slower. It hangs everytime I wanted it to multi-task. I guess its lifespan is up...

The past 4 months has been tough but exciting. I need to make a few big decisions and the process of making these decision has made my path and direction brighter and clearer. I am not able to spell out what decision they are because its rather personal. However, for my friends out there, if you are in a fix where you do not know what to do. Always remember to consult the person you trust the most, then analyse with a sensible mind and come out with a realistic decision. Nothing in this world is impossible, it is often the reluctance to make changes that makes people go away. Till now I stood firm with my decision, cos I am answerable to myself :) Glad to have the understanding of my close ones.

This 4 months, I've met nice and bad people whom I wished I have the power to remove those baddies. But come to think of it, life would not be so challenging for me if everything goes smoothly. Overcoming each hurdle only makes me stronger. Of cos, I'll get tired physically and mentally, but all thanks to my motivators who keep me recharged with energy and spirit. So for me I really treasure those who are good to me, well... you know who you are! Thank you and its all of you that makes me motivated and keeps me going and going.

I felt really bad for not being able to meet up with my closest friend these few months. I promise to make time for you k. First of all my two buddies John and Kelvin and one more is the person whom I "aeroplaned" a few times, Ann with her baby :) Sorry ah... I catch up with you guys soon!

In fact, I have so many things that I wanted to blog, but I'm not able to fill in now cos my brain is overloaded. I'll find time to load all the gathering pictures and I promise to blog more often.

Before I end the post, I wanted to thank all my wonderful students for the enthusiasm in learning, keep it going and going... with luvs!