Monday, April 27, 2009

No lesson on Friday and Saturday!

We are taking a break this Friday and Saturday. Well, Friday is Labour Day, school is not open! As for Saturday, I have a performance going on therefore I need to cancel lesson.

Please remember to do homework and I shall see you guys soon!


Monday, April 20, 2009


Once again, I felt the magic touch by music again. It really smoothen my heart, penetrate my soul... because of it I am feeling refreshing again. I believe that it can heal and cure! I believe in MUSIC power!

Another good news to kick off my Monday!

Yanzi's Singapore Concert is 11 July 2009 *Hooray*

Also, I would like to thank Acid for giving me the chance to......


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Thoughts...

I never thought I would have the sudden urge to blog about what I had observed in OB and I really feel that it is so important to post my thoughts for those who may be reading to ponder about.

Well, the first thing that affected me is about students putting effort when they come for singing lessons. Is it because OB is not a government academic school that's why some students do not bother to do homework?

In view of making the class as interesting and entertaining as possible, disrespect and lack of class discipline is what it turned out to be... Before I put the blame on anyone else, I think I should do some soul searching... However the fact is, in the bottom of my heart I know that I had given my best. Every decision made and effort put in is genuine.

To a certain extend I felt that my softheartedness had caused me to make the wrong judgement and in a way caused disappointment.

To me VS, performance, intermediate and basic level are all students, I see everyone equally and it doesn't matter if I have taught them before or not. I understand that VS is the on-going thing and everyone is excited about everything, the course, the new friends, the gossips, the gathering, exams and rehearsal... but I really hope these does not become too overwhelming for you guys to handle.

Reality is still reality, please continue to focus on your academic studies if you have to. Don't neglect your old friends or cliques because the changes. The way to treat people around you should also be the same. Family ties, relationship, friendship and religion should not be compromised as a result of the recent changes or the people you mix with.

Ultimately, it is about being yourself! Do not let the lifestyle or character which you have been sticking to for around 10 or 20 over years be changed overnight, just because of what had happened over the past few months.

I hope I am not being over-sensitive or exaggerating, but I can feel that something is not right with things I observed around me.

Lastly, I stress that my door is always open for anyone who think you need my help.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video to share - Part 2

Looks like I only have time to post video for the time being. Beside being lazy, my schedule are real tight. Hope I can have more time for myself.

Another ad-libs research from David Tao

And if you like whistle voice (i.e. Regina, Mireen and CR), check this out. Very funny!

Another favourite of mine, Jason Mraz!

Hope you enjoy!