Sunday, July 19, 2009

Took so long for me to post!

What an hour to blog. It's 3am! Well, I'm not emo... although the music I'm listening right now does affect my mood. Jazz, alone by myself!

Just came back after supper. Went to watch "Super Band", it was quite high and I do enjoyed myself although the songs are quite old. Well, not forgetting to mention last week's YZ concert. I love it even more :)

Dun feel like blogging about details, but I have been real busy, but then I'm glad that I achieved quite a lot. For now I just wanna concentrate on doing music, learn drums and upgrading my other skills. I wanna write more songs, I need to free up some time!

Last but not least, I wanna post a video. I really love this song at this moment. Anyway, I knew the song long ago... not that I'm slow, just that I've got no time to blog! Enjoy!

Special thanks to all the people who has been helping me all these while. Cheers!