Saturday, September 25, 2010

小瘋狂音樂祭 CrazyWorld MusicFest 2010

A gathering of talented local & foreign artistes with indie roots, MusicFest 2010 brings you an intimate weekend of live music in celebration of CrazyWorld Cafe's opening!

Please support local music :)

Details below:
[All performances are 1hr set each]

表演嘉賓/Performing Artistes:

08/10 Fri - 8pm :
棉花糖 (台灣). Katncandix2 (TW)

09/10 Sat - 4pm :
插班生 (新加坡). The Freshman (SG)

09/10 Sat - 8pm :
意淋 (新加坡). Bevlyn Khoo (SG)

10/10 Sun - 5pm:
鄭可為 Feat. 盈盈 (新加坡). Tay Kewei feat. Ein Ein (SG)

Doors open half hour before performance time.

Ticket Sales will commence on Tuesday 21st Sept 12pm (noon) at CrazyWorld Cafe, or at
Terms and conditions apply.

For more information about CrazyWorld Cafe, kindly check out:
CrazyWorld Cafe Facebook

Thank you!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing Jacky Chueng's song in my car...

张学友的歌实在好听... was playing one of my old CDs and fell in love with his songs again!! Jacky Chueng is one of the singer that inspires me to take singing seriously and I could remember how I liked to impersonate him during my competition days. During that time I had to use 拼音 to learn those classic cantonese songs :D

I would like to post this song from his musical 雪狼湖 Snow Wolf Lake which is one of my favorite. Spend some time reading the lyrics... is very touching!!


紅笑臉 紅裙 紅絲巾
白紙般 坦率 還天真
一對眼 水晶般吸引
流轉的舞步 像浮雲

忘記你 但仍然想起
愈想起 更加難入寐
緊抱你 抱緊的只得空氣
明知得不到你 何必再要記起

一絲絲 一點點 燒毀憶記
一幅幅 一聲聲 又復燃起
任由我 腸斷至死

戀一生 差一些 不可一起
祇一心 等一天 日月如飛
願忘記 又想起你

情與愛 是無從更改
未更改 卻因何分開
失去你 才明白未可捨棄
但始終祝福你 寧願我這田地