Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 3 Years Anniversary To My Love <3

That's right, its been 3 years...

Many things happened, we stood by each other and the bond is built on understanding and trust!

Although the relationship is not those 轰轰烈烈 type, but we already knew each other well enough to know how to give and take... That also explains why we rarely quarrel with each other.

Nevertheless, we do have a few hip-cups over the 3 years, some are memorable with tears and we both felt it deeply inside our heart. Gratefully, they all never lasted for more than a day.

Every special occasion, I would try to prepare or plan for something unique... and I know you did the same and all these are fully appreciated by each other. The past one year I have been busy, and this is the main reason for all your disappointment. However, I promise that we will have more quality time together and let's have the common understanding that the times where either one of us is busy, will be the quiet moment for us to do our own things, hangout with our own friends, as a breather and as the time for us to miss each other. With that I believe there will be unlimited 3 more years...

It is not my usual practice to blog about mushy stuff, however, I did it this time round because I felt the importance to announce this special event and I want to share with all the people I know about my the other half, whom most of you never seen before but know about her presence!

The person who will side me always. Though not much constructive ideas (most of the time), but as my 专属 listener... she is No. 1.

Today is our day, I wanted to tell her that I treasure her and love her.

Baby, Happy 3 Years Anniversary! Hug and <3


Have changed a new host for my songs, so I officially say "bye bye" to the 30 secs preview from imeem player :X

Anyway, you can check out the new uploaded "有你有我" written by Acid and me some time back for 四川大地震! (Special thanks for the other 2 female vocalists, Sherlyn and Ferlyn :)

I'm currently still having reservist until this Fri. Hopefully I can find time to blog more...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

三 / 四人游 - 方大同

First there is a 三人游...

Next, there is another 四人遊 with 方大同ft.薛凱琪 (Fiona) and she's cute :)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She dare to sing, I dare to put (post) Wahahahaa!

I dunno who is she, but I find it real funny. And I think she is very "fang". Something to lighten your day, especially for those who are feeling moody...

娛百 巴鈺模仿Vitas唱歌

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Labour Day's Long Weekend!

I went for the performance at Hereen today. One of the performance is cheerleading and during their performance, the team members failed to catch hold of one girl, who was thrown upwards and she fell on the stage with a loud "THUD"!

I could see her struggle in pain and immediately the item was terminated. One of the guy carried her down the stage. Not long after, I saw a civil defence personnel reaching on site to attend to her...

Hope she fine now... it must be very very painful. Poor her!

Bryan told me they are from Ngee Ann Poly and I know that the cheer leading group in NP is called "Magnum Force", but when I saw their uniform I saw their group name - "Spectrum". I not sure either... though I used to be from NP :)

Anyway I signed up for Twitter, just wanted to experience what wonders it can do.... haa!

Ya, I would like to apologize to my Saturday class, May is really a no lesson month as next week is Vesak Day and I will be involve in the Smoke Free Event again on 23 May. So this month I only see you all in class for 2 times. Felt so bad....