Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music identifier!

I was editing the fast song yesterday and I found inspiration for a new song while randomly playing the keyboard. There comes my next project for April which is going to be busy as well... already anticipating a few things coming my way.

For now, I'm waiting for the chance to lay my hands on an iPhone application called "Sound Hound". It works like a music identifier. You can hum, sing, or play a song to let the application perform a search for its information and related video links. It also works on iPod songs. Previously the database is not updated and only works well for English songs, but few days back I tried on my friend's iPhone and it now works on Chinese songs as well! Korean might not be as accurate though but in overall, it's quite efficient. *Likes*

You guys can find out more on Sound Hound for iPhone.

There are other similar app also available for different phone models which you can research on!


Monday, March 29, 2010

My Weekend!

It was an eventful weekend for me... 3 days in a row including today I slept for less than 4 hours everyday. I somehow could not describe the feeling... In overall, though tiring, I enjoyed the process :)

Perhaps I should take the chance to thank those who have rendered help during the events! Even of you did not get to read it, I still appreciate all your efforts! Especially to OBMF dance crews, Jasmine, Sharon, PP, Dee, Little, Yarden, Lucky and many many etc. plus friends from SCAPE & Grid MMS, Zhuzhu jie and JY! (Sorry if I missed out anyone, all of you deserve a *pat*) :)

Last Sat was Safra Radio 88.3Jia FM 3rd Birthday Party at Dragonfly. Chun was coaching De Jiang and Di Jia for their Hip Hop dance. Also, our OB Dance Crews presented a dynamic opening dance for the event!!! Not forgetting to mention, Candyce's belly dancing performance that made everyone take tons of photos... JY was especially high, haha! Also, congrats to ZhiZhong and Candy for winning the duet singing competition!! Here's some photos, I'm using iPhone, so the photo quality is not as good as a digital camera!




JJ Party 4 was held at the new SCAPE building on Sunday. Except for the VIPs, the rest of the guest were standing. 大家辛苦了! Sorry if I could not talk to you yesterday. Too much things to handle, so cannot multi-task! I think it was a successful show on the whole, everyone is working hard and the most touching part is the video that we made for JJ!! He cried... JY cried too! *Touched* :P




This morning, JY and I was giving a presentation to Monfort Junior School. We shared about our music experiences! The memories of a morning school assembly singing the National Anthem and Pledging brought me back to X years ago... Opps! Anyway, I like kids, so I find them cute when they started to get excited by some of our questions for quiz. Kids nowadays are so smart, I hope they enjoyed the session and if we have the chance do school tours... I wanna perform for them!!!

I do not have much pictures with me, so perhaps when I get the official videos or photos then I'll try to update more! It's a brand new Monday, if you are reading my blog... Have a great week ahead and look forward to the public holiday this week with me. Happy Good Friday :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

JY's Performance at *SCAPE - Sounds like Saturday!

This is a photo taken during sound check haha... (my fringe curled more as the night approaches woohoo!)

Was helping JY with the guitar at his acoustic segment for Sounds like Saturday. The songs he did on that day are really nice :)

He was singing 没话好说 with MMO and then proceed to acoustic unplugged of 喜欢你 and 宝宝, which 宝宝 is composed by him to Candyce for their wedding. I love the chords of the song very much.


Will be updating with more pictures and video if possible!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daughtry - Poker Face

This is quite a old video post in youtube. I just got to know about it recently, so... Well, sharing is an art!

Q&A: Daughtry and the "Poker Face" Cover

Daughtry - Poker Face

Daughtry - Poker Face (acoustic)

He's powerful, isn't he?

Friday, March 26, 2010

江苏卫视, 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场 (名师超偶队VS新韩联队)

This is the contest I took part last year together with JunYang, Jacky and MiaoRu. It was a great experience and we had fun during the rehearsals. Everyday is long and tiring. Luckily, we have Brother Leon and Sister Rain to help and support us fully. I will never forget the days when we had 王老吉 and 串烧 by the streets. At the end of the day, the memories and bonding gained is much more important than the results of the contest (i.e. 新韩联队 lost to 名师超偶队) :D

名师超偶队VS新韩联队 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场 开场


韩国新加坡队(Nobody,唱响世界) 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场第四轮

名师超偶队(win)VS新韩联队 名师高徒亚洲杯第五场第四轮讲评,END


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Song Composing Thoughts - I said so, no money back guarantee if you stick to it!

Composing songs is like making babies, you need to give them the correct theme, feel, tempo, melody, chord, sound etc. At times, you need to let someone (e.g. lyricist) babysit your song and when they send back to you, help your baby wear some clothing and start to show your friends!!!

Comments are meant to help song writer improve. No matter how vague the comments can be, it implies something. In general, comments are categorized in 3 main types; Good, So-so, Lousy!

Good; then you are on the right track, but keep it up and dun be complacent!

So-so; you are proceeding to the right track, but need to put in more effort to improve.

Lousy; you are not doing it correctly, you got to seek help from people who are doing it correctly.

Learn how to do a demo if you can't do one, make use of computer to do midi arrangement... Without demo, your songs cannot be shared efficiently. I used to encounter a student who can't do demo, every time he wants to let people hear his song he'll bring his guitar and sing it live... *tedious* @_@|||

Keep in mind that sharing is an art, let your good friends hear your song and get their comments, it helps!

Never write for the sake of writing, use your heart! Even if your song does not make it to anywhere, anything or does not fetch good feedbacks, it is perfectly ok because you'll definitely have learnt something during the process in making the song! Dun think that your song has been given "death penalty". The right way is to move on :)

Last but not least let me quote a sentence that I find it "very true"; 一个成名大师的成功作品底下往往藏着几百个不成功的作品!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back!! (with highlights for future blog post)

After 8 months without posting on my blog, I'm back!!! At times I felt that it was really attention seeking to be blogging too much of my private life, especially when some people around me does that... *Pot calling kettle black*

But as I think back to the why I started this blog I felt that I ought to bring it back!! And the objective is simply to update interesting stuff that i come across and let readers get to know more about me and my music experiences. That's all, so all my friends... WELCOME ABOARD AGAIN :D

The subsequent posts will be backdated stuffs and pictures (e.g. my china trip to sing on 江苏卫视, Shanghai Holiday, JY Wedding, Scape Performance with JY etc.) I will also be sharing my thoughts on how I quit my jobsss and switch to something related to my interest. Last but not least, I would like to take the chance to introduce my updated blog's music playlist... all the songs in the playlist are either sung or composed by me. In the future I will blog about those songs one by one and at the same time credit mention my friends who have helped me :)

Posting songs online reminds me of Indie Music, well... does that makes me one?!?! Opps, I cannot be indie music, I'm not the music... I'm a human; like what I always tell my mother, I'm a Internet Singer! Wahahaa!

Independent Music on Wikipedia

Enjoy reading :D